Tengratilla of Doarabazar upazilla of Sunamganj distict was very important area as there is a gas field. The industry of then east Pakistan Chatak fertilizer factory used to run by the gas from here. For this reason in the very beginning of the Liberation War, Pakistani army set their base very strongly in the Tengratila gas field. on the other hand, local awami league leaders did counteractions creating an action committee. Under the leadership of Shahid Choudhury young men from Ansar, Mujahid, EPR and the locality was fighting in defense. As a result torture and persecution of Pakistani army accelerated. When the trained freedom fighters started fighting in the Banshtola sub-sector under the leadership of Captain Helal, Tengratilla and the areas adjacent to it became very important for both the freedom fighters and for occupier Pakistani army.
The local freedom fighters described the unspeakable torture on the freedom fighters they captured. The Pakistani army would flayed their skin alive and would put salt. That army torched all of the houses of Mahabbatpur village, they have mentally tortured 300 villagers to kill after absolution (wudu), and they have abominably assaulted a woman of this village.
The bunker in Tengratila was the prison for Bengali women. They would capture women from nearby and sexually assaulted captivating them in the bunker, many women became pregnant. After the freedom fighters took over the bunker the tortured women were sent to the hospital in Shillong, they were given treatment post-abortion.
Teacher of the Sunamganj Jubilee School Md. Fayezur Rahman was a young boy at that time. His father was killed in the house near Tengratilla gas field, his innocent father was sitting after the Asar prayer at that time Pakistani army have killed him. The eye witness to this Fayezur Rahman described the incidence of the killing of his father.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Foyezur Rahman
  • Age: 56
  • Address: Ajobpur, Tengra Tilla, Dowara Bazar, Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 27th January 2017