On April 9, 1971, in defiance of all international law, the Pakistan Army brutally killed the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, patients and relatives of the patients on duty at the Sylhet Medical College Hospital. This phenomenon is not very common in the history of genocide.

Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmed was not only the head of the surgery department of the Sylhet Medical College Hospital, but also the most senior medical professor in the country. This doctor and teacher, unwavering in his duties, continued to provide medical services during the war with his students. Their bodies were left in the hospital for three days. Their families found their bodies three days later and then buried all the bodies.

Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, son of Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmed, is a freedom fighter, currently a Professor of Medicine, Kidney Specialist in the United States. As Dr. Ziauddin's testimony reveals the tragic account of the hospital massacre, so does the longing of more martyr families.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Dr. Zia Uddin Ahmed
  • Age: 68
  • Address: Housing Estate, Sylhet
  • Interview Date: 08/02/2018