Polir Chor is a remote village in Shreepur area under Pandargaon union of Doarabazar Upazila. Shreepur was a hideout of the Freedom Fighters of bashtola Sub sector to carry out operations against occupy pakistan army at Sylhet-Sunamgonj Road. Freedom Fighters succesfully destroyed Dabor ferry and Jawa bazar Bridge by the help of the local villagers. To take the revenge the Pakistani Military attacked innocent villagers of Shreepur, burning down houses, killing numerous people and raping the women. Polir Chor was one kilometer away from Shreepur. When the Pakistan army came here, it was the month of November and Holy month of Ramadan . Mosadder Ali was a young farmer then. A soldier caught him and tried to kill him by putting the gun inside his mouth. But brave Mosadder Ali did not give up, jostling with the soldier. However, he was fasting and after a while he became tired. At one point, the soldier could shot him, as the bullet pierced through his neck. The Pakistani soldier then killed his brother-in-law by shooting him on his forehead. Brave Mosadder Ali is still alive with bullet marks on his neck. Now in his seventies, he narrated his harrowing tale to us, shedding tears for his brother-in-law as he spoke about that fateful day.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Mosadder Ali
  • Age: 70
  • Address: Polir Chor, Sreepur, Dowara Bazar, Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 28th January 2017