Genocide '71 is the only genocide where a university was an epicenter. In the early hours of March 25, the Pakistan Army attacked with heavy weapons and attacked several student halls of Dhaka University. They killed unarmed teachers and students indiscriminately.
Mr. Abul Fazal of Sylhet was at the Jagannath Hall of the university that night. He got caught while trying to escape and witnessed the army killing his friends the whole night. The Pakistan Army made him carry the corpses along with his survivors till dawn.
The body bearers were later shot dead. Abul Fazal survived staying stuck in a pile of corpses. On the afternoon of March 26, the brutal Pakistan Army collected all the bodies and drove a bulldozer.

These narrations have come up in the testimony of Mr. Abul Fazal.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Abul Fajal
  • Age: 70
  • Address: Amberkahana, Sylhet
  • Interview Date: 14/03/2020