Pachgaon is a Hindu village of Rajnagar Upazila of Moulovibazar Zila. Leela Roy, the first female student of Dhaka University and a leader of anti-British movement was from this village.

In Boishakh of 1971, the Pakistan Army surrounded the village and brought all the men near to the lake. The Army tied these men in pairs with their clothes and kicked them to the lake. Them they shot those men with machine guns. Hundreds of men died.

Many got wounded severely. Only one of the wounded men is still alive. His name is Subodh Malakar. We have taken his testimony. And we also have taken the testimony of his wife Suranga Malakar.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Subodh Malakar, Suranga Malakar
  • Age: 80
  • Address: Pachgaon. Rajnogor
  • Interview Date: 31.03.2018