Noingao is a village of Muslim & Hindu communities, by the Bank of Surma river at Durabazar upazilla of Sunamgonj District. People of the village were supporter of liberation movement. After the liberation war started, they were secretly helping the Freedom fighters. One of villagers, named Mr. Rahmat Ali was a retired british army. He fought in 2nd world war, then moved to England. But he back to his village at April 1971 to Join the Liberation war. He started to communicate with Freedom fighters and trained his own people. 2nd week of August 1971, the notorious Razakar commander “Fokir Chairman” brought the Pakistam army to this village. Army full of two vassals came from Chattak and and start their operation from the eastern part of the village where Hindu communities were living. They burnt their houses, raped the women. One man Gojendro Das was killed by shoot, rest could escape and hide. Then they came to Rahmat Ali’s house & arson. His wife could escape with children but he was caught and brutally killed by Army. The whole village was ablaze by the force, Women were raped and Men who could not escaped taken refuge to Mosque. But the ferocious army took them out from there, tied them and start shooting. 19 people were killed on spot. Three more later. Later, Family members were not allowed to arrange funeral and bury the dead bodies . Most of them were thrown to river Surma.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Mohib Uddin
  • Age: 56
  • Address: Noingao, Dowara Bazar, Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 27th January 2017