BormonPara is a small village of Hindu Fishermen’s at the Damiha union of Tarail Thana, Kishorgonj.
In 1971 Pakistan Army attacked the village. First, they raped women, then killed at least 14 people.
By the help of kind Muslim neighbors, dead bodies were thrown to Norsundha River and one of the wounded got treatment secretly but died later.

That dark night rest of the villagers start their journey to the refugee camp at India. They journey through the Haor and river was uncertain and dangerous. Even life in the refugee camp was not safe. Every day people died out of cholera and diarrhea.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Omor Faruk (59), Gopal Chandra Bormon (69), Pujon Sorkar(59)
  • Age:
  • Address: Bormon Para, Damiha, Tarail, Kishorgonj
  • Interview Date: 21th March, 2019