Idris Ali, a student leader of Nikli Upazila of Kishoreganj moved to India at the very beginning of the Liberation War to receive training. He was the only child of his parents. He had a young wife and a newborn child when he left for his training.

Idris Ali’s family went through a very difficult time after he went to war. His wife Hosne Ara Mukta became the victim of the rage of the Pakistan Army and the Rajakars because she helped the Freedom Fighters. The Army and the Rajakars became impatient to capture her. So, Hosne Ara had to flee to several places. She had to stay incessantly inside a room for one month, even in a cottage house with cattle. She had witnessed the cruel massacre in Dampara even though she was a runaway.

In the meantime, the Pakistani Army attacked Idris Ali’s paternal home and burned it down. His father was advised to hoist the flag of Pakistan to save his house. He hatefully rejected the offer.Freedom Fighter Idris Ali died in 2001. His wife Hosne Ara Mukta and his mother Hajera Khatun have given their testimony about the difficult time of the Liberation War. Hajera Khatun had passed away recently.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Hosne Ara Mukta ( 65) Hazera Khatun (90)
  • Age:
  • Address: Dampara, Nikli, KishorGonj
  • Interview Date: 10th March, 2019