Joshodol Union of Kishoreganj Sadar. It is the hometown of Syed Nazrul Islam, the acting president of Bangladesh during the Liberation War.

A troop of Pakistani army arrived in Joshodol from Kishoreganj by a train on13 October 1971. They divided themselves into small groups and entered the neighboring villages along with the Rajakars. They set fire on the houses just after the arrival and forced all the men to gather in a place called Boroitola.

They burned down the houses, raped several women and then started the massacre in Boroitola. They killed around three and a half hundreds of unarmed men by beating them with crowbar and bayonet and shooting them with machine guns.

We have taken the testimony about the incident from two witnesses, two victims, and a woman who was tortured.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Md. Azizul Haquuu ( 75), Josodol Abdul Barik (57), DamPara Ishak Bhuyan( 62), Chiknir Chor Shoraf Uddin ( 68), Chiknir Chor Rezia Begum (65), Chiknir Chor
  • Age: 68
  • Address: Joshodol Union, Kishoreganj Sadar
  • Interview Date: 13th February, 2019