After occupying the “Tengra Tilla” area Pakistan army started brutal torture and mass rape. Foyez uddin was an young man of this locality and decided to cross the border to get training as a freedom fighter to liberate his locality from the oppression of Pakistani Army. On a day , a group of Freedom Fighters including Foyezuddin came to this area to free “Tengra Tilla” . This group was lead by Sub sector commander Cpatain Helal Uddin. First they had an encounter with Pakistan army at Mohobbotpur Bazar- 2 km north of Tengra. Pakistan army was defeated and few of them were killed. While they were taking rest near a shrine, another big group of Pakistan army attacked them very closely under cover of paddy field. The battle was face to face. Nine freedom fighters were killed by army. One of the platoon Commander Moin uddin was caught by Pakistan army and killed brutally . Sub Sector Commander Mr. Heal Uddin fought bravely and luckily survived with rest of his force.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Foyez Uddin Ahmed
  • Age: 67
  • Address: Azib Pur, Dowara Bazar, Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 26th January 2017