Najipur is a village under Baniyachong, Habiganj. People living here are mostly followers of Hindu religion.Pakistani army along with their local associates (razakars) entered this village during the monsoon of 1971. It was a sacred day for the people as a special ritual festival called “Bishohori puja” was taking place. The intruders started their killing mission with 13 people who were mostly fishermen. These unfortunate people lived on the North side of the village where they were forced to stand at a line just to face the incoming bullets!

After the incident, a panic run through the village. People started to run towards their boats to flee and save themselves. Pakistani army didn’t even spare the running women and children as they were running for their lives. First, they shot at them and set the houses in fire later.At least 40 innocent people were killed that day, shot & wounded an uncountable number. The dead souls weren’t even lucky enough to get a proper funeral. Those who were killed in the boat, were floating in the river and those who were shot in the ground also saw the same fate.

People lucky enough to survive the day crossed the haor and took shelter in the refugee camp on Balat, India. When the liberation war was over and they returned, they found their relatives in the form of human bones and skulls.We went to Najipur on 16th of January, 2018. Ajman Mia who lives in the nearby village named Khagaura was the first to provide a statement. He was just 14/15 years old in 1971. After more than an hour when he heard the sound of rifles firing, he went to Najipur to find out 11 - 13 dead bodies. All brutally killed.

Apart from him, Sunil Sarkar, Torulata Sarkar, Srikanta Das, Gitarani Das, Prankrishna Das, Sudhangsha Das all gave their statements. Each one of them is fortunate to somehow dodge death that day and are eyewitnesses of their relative’s death in the hand of the Pakistani army. Gitarani and Sudhangshu are carrying bullet scars even today!

    Witness Info
  • Name: Ajman Miah, Sunil Sarkar, Torulata Sarkar, Srikanta Das, Gitarani Das, Prankrishna Das, Sudhangsha Das
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  • Interview Date: 16th January 2018