Khagapasha is a village in Baniyachong upzilla of Habigonj district. At the late monsoon of 1971, Pakistan Army attacked this village. First they gone to Muslim area, luckily they escaped. Then they arrived at Hindu area.

Anil Chandra Das- A young man of this area, Joined to Mukti Bahini that time. Pakistan Army attacked their house. All the people from the house tried to flee by boat. But they started shoot on the boat. Two boat man killed instantly. Ladies of the boat were wounded seriously.

Four other man were killed in the village. Pakistan army burnt down the well off Mohajon Bari. Anil Chandra was in Haor area with his guerrilla group and seen the fire in his village. At evening he came with a boat and rescued his wounded mother, sisters and others. Took them to Balat camp of India. from there they were sent to Shillong for treatment. We have taken witness statements of the villagers along with Freedom fighter Anil chandra Das and his sister Kanon Das who was badly injured by Pakistani bullet. Still she suffers from the wound.

    Witness Info
  • Name: ChittaRonjon Das. Age 65 Ajman Miah, Age 70 Anil Chandra Das Age 68 Kanon Rani Das Age 55
  • Age:
  • Address: Village: Kagapasha, Baniachong, Hobigonj
  • Interview Date: 16th January 2018