Alaudin was a driver by profession in Chattak Town. When the war started he left the town and hide in his village . Pakistan army occupied Chattak at 28th April 1971, then the Officr IN charge of the local police station found him and recruited as a driver for Major Shawkat- commander of the occupy army. In August there was a mass killing in Chattak's madhobpur village. Allaudin was returning from Sylhet driving Major Shawkat's Jeep .The Jeep was stopped before the bridge.He claims that he eyewitness the killing of 17 young innocent on that day .They were all tied with rope on their back and they were forced dig their own grave. After digging their graves by themselves they were pushed in the graves and killed by shoot immediately. Just after few days of these traumatized memory he saw another local innocent member of the village were killed in the same place. After Major Shwawka,t the new replacement was Major Amzad who was the culprit to dictate most of the innocent murder at that time. The day when Pakistani army had to leave the village due to extreme attacks of freedom fighters, Allauddin was still driving Major Amzad's zeep. While he was driving he made an excuse of no petrol . He took the permission to obtain fuel and made way out of the village. When Chattak was finally free from Pakistani’s occupancy, he came back and started to drive freedom fighter sub sector commander captain Helal.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Mir Mohammad Alauddin
  • Age: 70
  • Address: Baghbari, Chattak, Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 7th January 2017