Halderpur is a small village in Baniachong Upzilla of Hobiganj District In 1971, it was the site of an aggressive Pakistani air attack that claimed the lives of many innocent lives.

On April 13, 1971, Halderpur was in the midst of preparations for a wedding ceremony. The bride was born and brought up in London. A celebratory atmosphere shrouded Halderpur that day. The bride's family arranged for a stick-fight which is a very popular sport in the area. The field was full of people who were enjoying the exciting game.
A few minutes after the game started, a fighter air craft of Pakistan air force flew low over the field. The air craft circled the field twice and then flew away. The villagers although curious, thought it was only a military exercise and did not reflect further on it.
On April 18th( 5th day Of Boisakh) , at 2 p.m., two Pakistani air crafts (Saber Jets) were seen flying low in the eastern sky at a high speed. People came out of their homes to see what the commotion was about. The air crafts turned around and once over the village, began through Gas/ chemical and shooting with machineguns. In a matter of seconds fire broke out and the entire village was almost razed to the ground. Dead bodies were littered everywhere. Total 11 were killed instantly includes Small kids of a local Moktob (Religious school)

Huge number of people survived as wounded and they had a miserable life later. The survivors claim that some of them become blind later, some were affected by Asthma.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Mr. Monhor Ali (65), Mr. Tajul Islam (55), Mother of Tajul Islam (75)
  • Age:
  • Address: Village Halderpur, Baniachong, Hobigonj.
  • Interview Date: 16th January 2018