Kakon Bibi is a legendary woman freedom-fighter under Bashtola sub-sector.
Her real name was Kaket and she belong to Khasia ethnic group. Her ancestral home was in Meghalaya in India, in the Natrai village near the border. Her sister was married to a commander of the border guards, she moved along with her sister in the Khathalbari area in the Doarabazaar area in the border.
Abdul Majid Khan of Panjabi EPR proposed her marriage and they got married. After the marriage she gave birth to son and the son died right after the birth. Abdul Majid Khan got transferred in Sylhet, he initially communicated through the letters but later he stopped the communication. After waiting for three years she was married to a Bengali and gave birth to a daughter. Later this marriage was in divorce.

Right after the freedom-fight broke out, the Pakistani army established a strong base in Tengratilla gas field and in Doara Bazaar area. On the other hand resistance war started under the leadership of Shahid Chowdhury. When after some days the sector was built, Mir Shawkat Ali ( Sector Commander of Sector Five)came to this area and learnt about Kakon Bibi. He called Kakon Bibi as his sister of religion. And requested her to get information about location of the Pakistani army, bunkers etc. in the disguise of a beggar Kakon Bibi got the perfect information to the sector commander. Thus her spy for the freedom-fighters started.
She was caught while spying in Doarabazaar by the Razakars. They tortured her in an inhumane way, they burnt her with hot iron rod and sexually tortured as well and took her to the Pakistani camp in Tengratilla. Getting there she in a quick wit told the Pakistani commander that she is the wife of Pakistani soldier Abdul Majid khan and she came there in search of him. Believing her story to be true Pakistani commander asked her to work for them and gave her an ID card. With that ID card she started going to the pakistani camp to camp more and supplied the freedom-fighters important information. To defeat the Pakistani army in this area her information to the freedom-fighters was a great help.

In the final fight with the continuous supply of information to the freedom-fighters and to the Indian army she moved to Sylhet along with the victorious legion.

Today a very old Kakon Bibi gave us a long interview, which is a very significant part in the liberation war archive.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Kaket Hanchiata ( kakon Bibi)
  • Age: 85
  • Address: Laxmipur, Doarabazar Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 26th January 2017