Jamal Uddin was only 16 in the year of 1971. Born and bred in the village called Madhobpur, about 4 kilometer ahead of the Sylhet to Chattak. The road and the rail line started from chattak toward Sylhet. Pakistani Army captured the little town 'Chattak' through this road via Sylhet on 28/04/1971. Refreshing his memory from 1971 Jamal Uddin mentioned it was the month of Bhadra(August). A group of villagers along him were plaughing in the field. It was nearly lunch time, they saw A Pakistani military vehicle arrived from Chattak with Pakistani army and Rajakars (The local collaborators). As the presence of Army and Razakars the psychological discomfort they experienced, decided to take another route to go home. As they were in safe distance and there were not any buildings or any obstacles to restrict the view they have seen that a group of young Bengalis were taking down from the vehicle, their hand were tightly tied. The army forced them to dig the grave. When the digging was done they started to shot. As the Military and Razakars left, next day the local people went to see the 'mass grave' containing the bodies of those ill fate young Bengalis. They found that fresh blood was still there. There is a saying that for long period of time even the cattles from the village were intimidated to go close the place.. After the War is over, a group of freedom fighters went to uncover the site of mass grave. They found seventeen skeletons as an evidence of possible genocide. The local people preserved the site by their own initiative at the beginning. After a long time "Shikha Shotero [flame of seventeen]" was established by the government as a memory of the martyrs. From various source it was revealed that these 17 men were not actually from this locality. They were from different parts of Bangladesh (it is heared that few of them were from Narsingdi) . This group of young guys were planning to cross the border, take training to become freedom fighter and fight against the occupying Pakistani force. But unfortunately they were caught by the notorious Rajakar commander Fakir Chairman just after crossing the river Surma. Fakir chairman handed them to Pakistan army. Army tortured them at their camp at Chattak High School) and then after killed them brutally in the village Madhobpur. Identity of the seventeen martyrs is not confirmed yet.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Jamal Uddin
  • Age: 63
  • Address: Madhobpur, Chattak, Sunamgonj
  • Interview Date: 7th January 2017