Stories Of Sector 3

Killing at Hossainpur - Statement Two

The Pakistan army committed a bloodcurdling genocide in Hossainpur Bazaar of Kishoreganj Upazila on 17 August 1971.

Genocide Krishnapur- Lakhai Hobignaj

Krishnapur, a remote place of Lakhai Upazila of Hobiganj Zila. The area of Kishoreganj Zila starts from one side of this village, and Brahmanbaria is on the other side.

Killing at Hossainpur- Statement One

The Pakistan army committed a bloodcurdling genocide in Hossainpur Bazaar of Kishoreganj Upazila on 17 August 1971.

Genocide against Monipuri community

Were only the Bengalis attacked by the Pakistan Army and its Auxilary Forces?

Killing at Bhaskorkila Kishoregonj

Bhashkorkila, a village about 4 kilometers away from Kishoreganj town.

Killing at Kankati

The Pakistani Army and the Rajakars attacked Kankati of Kishoreganj on 11 September 1971.

Rape and Killing at BormonPara

BormonPara is a small village of Hindu Fishermen’s at the Damiha union of Tarail Thana, Kishorgonj.

Killing at KIshoregonj Town

Sumol Chandra Das was a boy of 13 years in 1971, from the Kishoregonj Town.

Statement of Hosne Ara & Hazera Khatun from Nikli

Idris Ali, a student leader of Nikli Upazila of Kishoreganj moved to India at the very beginning of the Liberation War to receive training. He was the only child of his parents. He had a young wife and a newborn child when he left for his training.

Dampara(Nikli) Killing

Dampara, a village of Nikli Upazilla of Kishoreganj. The Sutradhar community of Hindu religion lives in this village.

Killing at Nogorkul

Nogorkul, a village in Damiha union of Tarail Upazila of Kishoreganj district.

Boroitola (Kishorgonj) KIlling

Joshodol Union of Kishoreganj Sadar. It is the hometown of Syed Nazrul Islam, the acting president of Bangladesh during the Liberation War.

Killing at Biddanogor-Karimgonj

Bidyanagar, a village of Karimganj upazila of Kishoreganj district was attacked by the Pakistan army and Rajakars at the end of October/ early November 1971

Chokromonath Killing: Statement of Witness and Victims

Chokromonath is a village in Habigonj. There was a Pakistani army camp at nearby Saystagonj. From there troop used to attack this village very frequently

Statement of Freedom Fighter Gouroprasad Roy

Gouroprasad Roy was a young student leader from Shayestaganj,He was the founding president

Statement of Freedom Fighter Major (Rtd.) Suranjan Das

Major (Rtd.) Suranjan Das is a Freedom Fighter originally from the village Ghumghumia located in Nabiganj under Habiganj district. He was a student of the second year at the University of Chittagong when the liberation war started.

Nojipur Killing: Statement of Witness and Victims

Najipur is a village under Baniyachong, Habiganj. People living here are mostly followers of Hindu religion.Pakistani army along with their local

Khagapasha killing

Khagapasha is a village in Baniyachong upzilla of Habigonj district. At the late monsoon of 1971, Pakistan Army attacked this village. First they gone to Muslim area, luckily they escaped. Then they arrived at Hindu area.

Genocide Nobigonj

People of different professions who were living here during the liberation war were mostly followers of the Hindu religion.

Shitolokkha river was full of dead bodies- Statement of Luthfur Rahman

Lutfar Rahman Joj Miah- was a student of Bhairab College in 1971, he was active in Student League’s politics. His home was in Raipura area in Narsingdi.

Pakistani Air Attack on Holdarpur Village

Halderpur is a small village in Baniachong Upzilla of Hobiganj District In 1971, it was the site of an aggressive Pakistani air attack that claimed the lives of many innocent lives.