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During Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, the Pakistani army and their local collaborators committed crimes against humanity- including mass killing, rape, arson attacks, torture and forced conversion. It’s been 46 years of  the independence, but the impacts of the brutalities are still there both direct and indirectly.

Archiving these stories of trials and tribulations is a must- not only for acknowledging the sacrifices of victims but also for the future generation to ensure peace and justice. This archive is an initiative to preserve those harrowing tales of suffering and survival, depicted by political activists to freedom fighters, tortured family members to ordinary countrymen and women and children.

As war strategy, the country was divided into 11 sectors and 66 sub-sectors.  At the beginning  we archived some of the happenings in the Bashtola sub-sector,  under Sector 5 and covered Chattak, Jagannathpur and Doarabazar upazilas of Sunamganj district.

Gradually we will cover rest of the subsectors area.

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Sreepur Killing

Sreepur is a village under Pandagaon union under Doarabazaar sub-district of Sunamganj district. The backswamp is in the west of the village and the SuramaRiver has encircled the village

Tale of Legendary Freedom Fighter Kakon Bibi

Kakon Bibi is a legendary woman freedom-fighter under Bashtola sub-sector. Her real name was Kaket and she belong to Khasia ethnic group. Her ancestral home was in Meghalaya in India, in the Natrai village

Genocide SriRamsi

On 29 August two Razakars from Chilaura of Jagannathpur came to the village and suggested the youngsters to join the herd of the Razakars. People with the spirit of freedom drove them away.

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